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Our CSR Commitmen

JBT Group strengthens its

sustainable development strategy


Since 2022, JBT Group has accelerated its thought and commitment to sustainable development through an ambitious program.


This commitment in 2022 was realized through the Ecovadis certification of its historic Molinges site, which, following Boursier, is the Group's second certified site.

Although the reflection predates it, the year 2022 marks a significant turning point in the structuring and integration of sustainable development into the Group's strategy, and, consequently, across all its sites.

Renewal of the vehicle fleet with ecological, hybrid, or electric vehicles, contracting with EDF for exclusive renewable electricity supply, comprehensive carbon balance, upstream and downstream, calculated in accordance with ADEME data... are all initiatives that significantly strengthen the existing actions in terms of energy management, heat recovery, and water treatment.

Carbon Neutrality of the Main Site by 2025


A pinnacle of this strategy, the historic Molinges site aims for carbon neutrality by 2025. This ambition requires activating all available levers for the teams: energy sobriety, reducing the most carbon-intensive supply chains, etc. The field of action for a site of this size - 230 employees, €35M in turnover - remains wide.

With its experience and team expertise, the Group is also able to assist clients in the eco-design of medical devices.

This comprehensive support aims to consider design in its eco-responsible dimension, both through measuring the carbon effect and through the durability of products and production tools.


To date, two of the Group's sites are Ecovadis certified. The Group's ambition is to roll out the initiatives to other Group sites, and to upgrade the label of the Molinges site in the coming months.

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