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Our CSR commitment

JBT Group Strengthens Its Sustainable

Development Strategy

In the dawn of 2022, the JBT Group has not merely expedited its contemplation and commitment towards sustainable development, but has elegantly woven it into an ambitious programme. This dedication bore fruit in the same year through the Ecovadis certification of its venerable Molinges site, emerging as the Group’s second labelled site, gracefully following Boursier.

While the contemplation indeed has roots in earlier times, the year 2022 unfurled as a pivotal epoch, intertwining sustainable development intricately within the group's strategy and, consequently, embroidering it across all its sites.


Embarking upon a journey of transformation, the automobile fleet was rejuvenated with ecological, hybrid, or electric vehicles; an accord was sculpted with EDF for an exclusive sustenance on renewable electricity; a thorough carbon audit, both upstream and downstream, calculated harmoniously with ADEME data, thereby invigorating the existing ventures into energy management, heat recovery, and water treatment with much-needed vitality.


Carbon Neutrality of the Main Site by 2025

The historical Molinges site, the crescendo of this strategy, aspires for carbon neutrality by the horizon of 2025. Such an ambition commands the activation of every lever within the teams’ reach: energy prudence, truncation of the most carbon-laden supply circuits... the field of actions for a site boasting 210 collaborators and a €30M turnover remains ample and vast.


Enriched by its experience and the finesse of its teams, the Group also possesses the capability to guide clients through the eco-design of medical devices.


This holistic accompaniment seeks to sculpt the conception in its eco-responsible dimension, both through the lens of carbon impact and through the longevity of products and production tools.


As the present moment gently unfolds, two of the Group’s sites proudly wear the Ecovadis label. The Group, with its eyes cast toward the future, harbours the ambition to cascade these endeavours onto other sites within its embrace, and to elevate the label of the Molinges site in the months yet to come.

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